About Us

Pav Funball Academy was launched by Pawel Guziejko. His project does not chuck young players into set categories as this can be harmful to a developing child. Instead his academy relishes opportunities to learn about the youngster to help them (and the coach) understand what will work. Essentially it’s all down to listening, observing and thinking logically. AS PAWEL BELIEVES, ALL YOUNGER PLAYERS ARE CREATIVE, JUST IN DIFFERENT WAYS. ITS UP TO THE COACH TO NURTURE AND GROOM THOSE TRAITS.


Our vision

to be the most popular private coaching organisation in Norfolk and Suffolk

our mission

To develop children who will become successful people on and off the pitch

our values

  • Child Centered – the development of our young players is at the heart of what we do
  • Development – we seek the latest knowledge on children’s development and train our coaches to understand and incorporate this in our training
  • Play – We incorporate play in all we do – after all its what we enjoy most!
    Life Skills – We include elements of life skills in our coaching for the long-term development of our players
  • Outside the Box – We think outside the box to offer different types of training that benefit the overall development of our players

Our Philosophy


Understanding kids

Motivated to Play

what we need to know
  • How children learn
  • What children want to learn
  • How to develop sessions that reflect children’s learning and development
Behaviours to encourage
  • Curiosity
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Ownership

Confident to Play

What we need to know
  • How to meet individual needs
  • How to develop psychological habits
  • How to identify strengths and weaknesses
Behaviours to encourage
  • Resilience
  • Being out of the comfort zone
  • Problem solving
  • Risk taking

Competent to Play

What we need to know
  • Correct technical and tactical competencies
  • How to develop players through play
Behaviours to encourage
  • Scanning
  • Timing
  • Spatial awareness
  • Technique
  • Movement skills