This project offers children to develop good habits of their fundamental movement patterns which are often neglected. Sessions run by Academy partners Performance 4Sport to enhance sporting performance and development.

We will work with following principles of movement:
1. First move well, then move often
2. Protect, correct and develop movement in those in our care
3. Create environment that we can identify and demonstrate that fundamental movements that are missing or dysfunctional.
Our coaches will look for:

  • Loss of balance and which direction
  • The ability of the players to turn and move in all directions
  • The coordinated of the arms, feet and movement
  • The position of head to maintain balance
  • The ability of the player to change direction at varying speed
  • The player body posture while stopping, starting and changing direction
  • Use strong and weak sides of the body
  • The strength of the player in any movement

If you are interested in your child participating in this project then please complete this form and we will be in touch. Please note 12 spaces are available only.

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