Our academy programme offers players individual additional coaching to improve part of their game that truly needs based on our philosophy and coaching model. These practices are design for minimum of 4 and maximum 6 players per session, run once a week for 6 weeks block. Training sessions are based at venues chosen by participants. If you are interested in your child receiving additional coaching then please complete this form and we will be in touch.


Individual (one to one) basic training offer:
• minimum 6 weeks of training
• fill in basic form about individual (strengths, weaknesses, personality)
• receiving folder with detailed feedback in relation to football and personality with specific action plan for future after 6 weeks training
Individual package extra offer:
• Minimum 6 weeks of training
• Watching and recording performances during the game with detail feedback
• Set psychological challenges to help improve performances and mental capabilities
• Develop and work with player strengths
• Player will receive CD/pen-drive information to improve the game in relation to position he/she plays
• Professional screening physio assessment with detailed report
• Set short-medium-long term goals realistic to player technical, tactical, social, psychological and physical abilities

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