Glen Matten, Cringleford Rovers U9s

As a football coach, Pawel has the ‘X-Factor’; that special quality that is hard to explain in words, but shines through so clearly when you see him coach. Having seen Pawel coach over the summer, I invited him to work with our U9 team for a block of 6 sessions. Our goal was very specific: we wanted to help our players become better decision makers and specially to develop their understanding of when to keep the ball and when to pass. As inexperienced coaches, we also wanted Pawel to act as a mentor to us, to help us grow that bit more as coaches. My already high expectations of what Pawel could help us achieve were not only met, but exceeded. His sessions were focused, engaging, and progressive, and our players responded brilliantly to his style of coaching. In a short space of time, under Pawel’s guidance, they evolved into a group of players capable of making much better decisions, which has transformed how they play and perform as a team on the pitch. It has been a real joy to watch that evolution take place, and I am very grateful to Pawel for what he has achieved with the team in such a short space of time. But perhaps more important is the way in which Pawel has shown us as a coaching team what it is that we could and should be striving for. Until I worked with Pawel, I didn’t realise how limited my coaching perspective was. I thought I was doing a good job. But Pawel made me realise I could evolve my coaching to a whole new level. He has shifted my coaching perspective in so many ways, not just in terms of how to plan and deliver sessions, but also the vital importance of understanding how children learn and how to communicate effectively with them. In short, Pawel has shown us a new and better path to take as coaches and I am confident we will never look back from that. Pawel’s expert input has been invaluable and if you want to improve your players – and improve yourself as a coach – then I cannot recommend him highly enough.