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Pawel is also a published author and his books:
Co-ordination in soccer. A new road for successful coaching provides new methods and detailed information for successful co-ordination training.
Creative Mind. Development of free thinking football players This book offers a great insight into the different aspects you might need to think about when coaching a group of children from psychological challenges, perception skills, technical skills, match based practices.
Reading Kids-Secret Tips Behind Children Behaviour. This book will provoke and makes you think. It will show you that a child’s way of thinking and imagining shapes his future, his habits and his learning style.
Coaching Children. Practical tips to becoming a more effective coach.
The book is child specific rather than sport-specific and provide top tips from engagement, through development, communication and planning when coaching children.
Coaching Children Session Planner.

It is specifically designed for coaches working with youngsters. The practicality of this planner lies in its simplicity. You will find simple, practical tips that will help you understand how you should plan for learning, and thus becoming a more effective coach.

Ready to Play? Small Sided Games for children.

In this book, coaches of all levels find the games designed to enhance children learning and development. Each game gives youngsters different problems to solve, encouraging them to make decisions and learn from mistakes.

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“Coaching Children. Practical tips to becoming a more effective coach”:

“Coordination in soccer. A new Road for successful coaching”:


“Creative mind. Development of free thinking football players”:

“Reading Kids-Secret Tips Behind Children Behaviour”:

“Coaching Children Session Planner”:

“Ready to Play? Small Sided Games for children”: