Level 1 Qualification in Sports Leadership

Together with our partners UEA Progress Sport Services we are offering high school students opportunity to take part in Level 1 Qualification in Sports Leadership. The specification states that it is for minimum age 12 years old, 23 hours of tutoring and 31 hours hour in total. We don’t set a minimum number but 10 would be sensible, we need enough for everyone to be able to lead a group. The course can be delivered through academic year or we could compact it into a much smaller timeframe. We are flexible to working with schools to suits their needs. If this is something that you may like your students to sign up to then please contact myself for further details at: Pawel@pavfunballacademy.co.uk



• Course combine theory and practical elements that enable students became Sports Leader
• Nominations for Sports Leaders Leadership Award if student go above and beyond what was expected
• Increase opportunity for volunteering in sport organizations/clubs which may lead to employment in future