Mentoring testimonials

Pav focussed on the coach education which was really eye opening for us and will im sure improve our coaching offering.Thank you Pav we will be in touch to work together further in the future.

Darren Stubbs, Spixworth FC

It's been an absolute pleasure working with you Pawel. I've learnt a huge amount which will really improve my coaching skills. I've really felt myself develop and seen such a positive impact on the players. Thank you, look forward to working with you again in the future!

Paul Reeve, U10 Firside FC

I turned to Pav and his 6-week program for numerus reasons, mostly to help me to keep developing myself also to refresh what I know and to learn new things, also the program was to help my assistant and the players to understand new things to help improve their self’s too,
From the start I found Pav very helpful explaining how things will work over the 6 weeks and what the focus will be on, Pav delivered the first session explaining how things should work and what key things to look for, I know the players enjoyed every session they had with Pav as myself and Neil did too,
Watching Pav taught me a few things in how to deal with mistakes and understanding when to step in and give feedback or ideas to players,
In my view the whole session was great and I managed to pick up new ideas refresh old ones and the players learnt learning can be fun and you get out what you put in to it. I can’t thank Pav enough for his time and helping me get back the enjoyment in coaching football again

Stu Baker, Costessey FC U15

Great session with Pav in East Harling last night. Looking forward to putting some of his ideas into practice with my U9’s!! Making football fun and engaging is what this man is about! Highly recommended-Allan Pallan East Harling U9

Allan Pallan East Harling U9

Great session Pav many thanks for sharing some top tips and ideas. Looking forward to implementing them with the U10's. The players also enjoyed the session a high compliment indeed when one youngster asked if you could come back. For sure you will be-Stewart Mcllelan, Harling Colts FC U10

Mcllelan, Harling Colts FC U10

Thanks again for your time last Saturday it was really insightful and the children looked to really enjoy and engage in the activities. In terms of us as coaches I think you highlighted that we were perhaps trying to do too much too soon, instead of working on the basics of ball control and being comfortable with it. The use of a white board is also something we had not previously considered and will look to introduce in the future. Keeping the sessions simple but fun and engaging seems to be the way forward.

Dave Mulligan, Hillside U6

I as a qualified coach have been going through some mentoring sessions with Pav. The input and feedback he has provided to me has been extremely valuable and made me think about how I can improve as a coach but also improve the boys within the team I coach. I would fully recommend that other coaches trial Pav's mentoring it will benefit you as well as your own team. Having someone look at you and your coaching may make you feel uneasy but I can say from my experience that it will improve you and make you look at yourself, your team focusing on their strengths and the way you approach your coaching. I would strongly recommend Pav and his coaching services to anyone in the game.

Richard Dickinson, Dereham FC U14

I have been coaching for 3 years and am nearing completion of L2. My coaching ethos aims to develop my team and players, to be the best that they can be. My team are currently U10's, I've been with them since U7, but have had a fair turnover of players during that time. This year we had an influx of 5 new players, resulting in a mix of technical skills and match experience. I was also finding it hard to control a large group in training and retain interest levels (I regularity have 10-13 players). With hindsight, I was also trying to do too much too early and to be honest, getting frustrated and a bit demoralised at times. I had some experience of Pawel helping me and my team during FA events and had watched his levels of control and the interest that he generated with my players. Once I found out that he offered a package of 6 weeks help (for players and coaches), I jumped at the chance. I have to say; the results have been fantastic. My team are now playing together, as a team and responding to the individual challenges that we have set. On match days we may not be winning many games, but we are now very competitive, showing significant improvement and many times playing better football than our opposition. The players are much more confident and enthusiastic, their parents are delighted and much more supportive and I am really enjoying coaching again. Thank you Pawel!

Ian Haddleton, Shouldham FC U10

As a football coach, Pawel has the ‘X-Factor’; that special quality that is hard to explain in words, but shines through so clearly when you see him coach. Having seen Pawel coach over the summer, I invited him to work with our U9 team for a block of 6 sessions. Our goal was very specific: we wanted to help our players become better decision makers and specially to develop their understanding of when to keep the ball and when to pass. As inexperienced coaches, we also wanted Pawel to act as a mentor to us, to help us grow that bit more as coaches. My already high expectations of what Pawel could help us achieve were not only met, but exceeded. His sessions were focused, engaging, and progressive, and our players responded brilliantly to his style of coaching. In a short space of time, under Pawel’s guidance, they evolved into a group of players capable of making much better decisions, which has transformed how they play and perform as a team on the pitch. It has been a real joy to watch that evolution take place, and I am very grateful to Pawel for what he has achieved with the team in such a short space of time. But perhaps more important is the way in which Pawel has shown us as a coaching team what it is that we could and should be striving for.  Until I worked with Pawel, I didn’t realise how limited my coaching perspective was. I thought I was doing a good job. But Pawel made me realise I could evolve my coaching to a whole new level. He has shifted my coaching perspective in so many ways, not just in terms of how to plan and deliver sessions, but also the vital importance of understanding how children learn and how to communicate effectively with them. In short, Pawel has shown us a new and better path to take as coaches and I am confident we will never look back from that.   Pawel’s expert input has been invaluable and if you want to improve your players - and improve yourself as a coach - then I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Glen Matten, Cringleford Rovers U9s