A&B Team Selection – A Negative Impact on Personal Development?

A & B Teams- Selection which has a Negative Impact on Children’s Personal Development

What do you do if you have 20 kids in the same age group? Majority coaches label kids into bracket A and B because it is easy. Do they equally think how easy children pigeonhole in team B find it very difficult to understand why? Kids are not stupid. Why then adults make them feel worse before they even kicked the ball? How do you encourage the child to practice (or even come to training), inspire him/her to fall in love with the game, when team B simply means “I am not very good”? My argument is that selecting children at a very young age is not a sensible thing to do anyway. Why? Because children are not mature enough to understand why little Charlie play in team A and little Adam in team B. These have negative consequences on child personal development. Here is why (including alternative solutions):

I understand that working with children is already challenging. Make them feel happy and equal is our duty, not a choice. A child laugh could simply be one of the most beautiful sounds in the world and I’d like to hear them laughing all the time.