Ian Haddleton, Shouldham FC U10

I have been coaching for 3 years and am nearing completion of L2. My coaching ethos aims to develop my team and players, to be the best that they can be. My team are currently U10’s, I’ve been with them since U7, but have had a fair turnover of players during that time. This year we had an influx of 5 new players, resulting in a mix of technical skills and match experience. I was also finding it hard to control a large group in training and retain interest levels (I regularity have 10-13 players). With hindsight, I was also trying to do too much too early and to be honest, getting frustrated and a bit demoralised at times. I had some experience of Pawel helping me and my team during FA events and had watched his levels of control and the interest that he generated with my players. Once I found out that he offered a package of 6 weeks help (for players and coaches), I jumped at the chance. I have to say; the results have been fantastic. My team are now playing together, as a team and responding to the individual challenges that we have set. On match days we may not be winning many games, but we are now very competitive, showing significant improvement and many times playing better football than our opposition. The players are much more confident and enthusiastic, their parents are delighted and much more supportive and I am really enjoying coaching again.
Thank you Pawel!