Mark Calvert

As a coach myself and full-time taxi driver for my kids I have spent several years stood on the side-lines observing many different coaches of various experience and ability, a majority of whom teach by a prescribed one size fits all. Pav however stands out from the crowd; he has his own unique outlook on player development and individuality, with a knowledge base far beyond the usual coach. More importantly players of all ages respect and thrive under his tutelage.
The best people to ask about Pav’s Coaching and Academy though are without doubt those who benefit the most from it. The following quotes are provided by a group of 10/11 year old learning under his guidance, who all know what they like in a coach and the kind of training they enjoy:
“At Pav’s training we have to think lots and use our brains and feet”
“I like Pav because he’s funny and helps you”
“He encourages us to keep the ball when under pressure until there’s a pass”
“Pav Challenges us, but best of all he makes it fun”
“I like that he works with us as individuals as well as a team and he always challenge us to help us improve. Oh, and he’s pretty funny”
“Pav gets me thinking and doesn’t tell me what to do until I’ve thought about it first myself.”
“I find Pav’s training very exciting, every time I walk on the pitch I never know what the training session is going to be, but I know I will enjoy it.” “I learn lots from Pav and he is always trying to help me become a better player”
“Pav gets us to work things out for ourselves and doesn’t just tell us what to do, but does it in a fun way which makes it ok”
With best regards, Mark Calvert